For everyone that couldn't make it to the Annual Membership Meeting these are the newly elected board members that will start on January 2023:

President -                      Bennie Keys (Reelected)

Vice President -              Kevin Murphy (Reelected)

Board Member #1 -        Sterling Jenkins (Newly Elected)

Board Member #2 -        Michael Doyle (Newly Elected)

GRS Board Member -    Kevin Flannery (Newly Elected to take over the GRSO Representative spot)

LSO Board Member -    Christina Fong (Elected to take over the LSO Representative spot)

Alternate Delegate #1 -  Michael Doyle

Alternate Delegate #2 -  No Candidate Nominated

Alternate Delegate #3 -  No Candidate Nominated

They will join Andrea Giba (Secretary Treasurer), Charles Johnson (Board Member) and Fred Mitchell (Board Member) as they continue their terms

Congratulations to all our newly elected board and we look forward to working with you in doing everything we can to help our local musicians!

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We are a Union OF Professional Musicians, run BY Professional Musicians FOR Professional Musicians - Local 56 of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States & Canada, which collectively represents 80,000 professional musicians. Our members live in West, Central and Northern Michigan. 
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